In our last blog entry we wrote about the benefits of having plants at home. This time, we would like to give you a few tips on how to water them correctly. After all, your plants are here to stay.

In general, it’s advised to water your plants with greater amounts of water but less often. This is important because otherwise the water will just dry without trickling its way to the roots. Also, the water you’re using should always have a lukewarm temperature.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a fixed schedule on when or with how much water you should be watering your plants. Instead, we put together a list for you to give you a sense of when to water your plants as well as how much water you should be using for them.

Soil moisture. This can be quite tricky to determine since you have to go quite deep into the pot to feel if the soil is really moist enough. So even if you manage to do it (without making a complete mess), it can be quite tough to measure the right moisture level solely by your fingers. A plant sensor like ours comes in handy here because it does that (and more) for you.


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Ambient temperature. The higher the temperature in your room, the more water is needed by your plants. Try keeping an eye on your air humidity at home, the weather conditions and the temperature of your heating system when watering your plants.

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Your pot. First of all, there’s the material – it affects its temperature, hence the amount of water you will need for your plant. Important to keep in mind here: pots made out of plastic won’t get as hot as the ones made out of terracotta. And then there’s the size of it. Obviously, bigger pots will need more soil and therefore more water to keep bigger plants hydrated.

Your plant. Not every plant needs the same amount of water. Mediterranean plants and herbs, like rosemary and thyme, for example get by better with less water than others. So when buying plants a good thing to do is asking for consultation. Also, plants who are in their growing/blooming phase as well as those with bigger leafs consume more water.  Still not sure, then check out these 49 gardening expert tips for watering.

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Helloplant is the first plant sensor that you will love. It informs you you when to water your plant, its condition and where to find the perfect spot.

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