Plants thrive in suitable soil and struggle otherwise. Learn how to select soil for your lovely plants at home.

Most plant lovers probably already know how selecting soil in their favorite gardening feels like. It’s a place where piles of soil are offered in different prices, qualities, colors and packages like a giant wall. Within this selection even the most ambitious plant lover sometimes just gives up and takes the cheapest or best looking product. And because price isn’t always the best purchase criteria we will give you some hints on how to select the best product.

Compost Helloplant plant sensor
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Most of the potting soil products offered in gardening stores contain peat/turf. Peat’s mining typically happens in wetlands with huge ecological drawbacks like destroying local ecosystems. As soon as peat dries up it decomposes and turns into CO2, that is released into the atmosphere. Peat lands destroyed through mining are very slow to regenerate and animals lose their habitat. As a consumer you have an easy choice: select the soil without peat.


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Now what if you don’t want to lose all the advantages of peat? One eco-friendly and cheap option is compost. Compost is decomposed organic matter, recycled to be an excellent fertilizer and key to organic farming, both at home and professionally. It enhances cheap soil with nutrients and structure that allows for good water distribution and air to reach the roots.

Pro tip: many countries around the world offer compost for free to be picked up at recycling yards.


– for young plants/seedlings use compost and soil in a 1:1 mixture

– for everything else mix around 10% compost into your soil

– you can put some compost on top of existing gardens to improve the nutrient composition of the soil below it

Compost Helloplant plant sensor

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Helloplant is the first plant sensor that you will love. It informs you you when to water your plant, its condition and where to find the perfect spot.

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