2017 has just begun and there is still something that a lot of people are missing. Something at home. Something that is rather simple of making it happen and which feels really good to have. The talk is about plants. Seriously, instead of struggling to keep the common new years resolutions: grow some plants! There are a lot of good reasons to do so which we listed for you here:

helloplant plant sensor
  1. Plants improve the quality of your air.

Not only do plants look good they also provide fresh air by filtering chemicals and producing oxygen. This can affect your overall mood, flow of thinking, sleep, etc., in a positive way.

Also, people who own plants at their home have been known to be less stressed and plants in general can actually contribute to a lower blood pressure and less headaches.

  1. Plants can help prevent illnesses.

People with plants at their home are more than 30% less likely of becoming ill. This is mostly due to their ability of decreasing the amount of dust and keeping the air humid. No need for an expensive humidifier anymore!

  1. Plants can make you happy.

Being occupied by a living being and caring for it has been linked to the feeling of wellbeing. Studies have even shown that patients in hospitals often recovered faster when they had a garden in front of their window than the ones who faced a wall.

That being said, we would like to wish you a


and some even happier plants. 🙂

P.S.: If you need help with your new plants. Helloplant keeps them alife in 2017. This little smart plant sensor tells you when to water your plant, its condition and where to find the perfect spot.

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